Can VPN IRAN be trusted? | Farsi VPN

Can VPN IRAN be trusted?

Normally, a VPN is used by Iranians to escape from sanctions or to open some blocked sites, and for this reason, hearing the word Iranian VPN is not very common.

In fact, a VPN with an Iranian IP is only used for those who are abroad and intend to be able to use domestic services by changing their IP.

The function of a VPN is such that by changing a person's IP, it does something to recognize the host site as a foreign person. For example, Google Analytics service is not available for Iranian users, and now if someone from Iran wants to connect to it, he has to use a foreign VPN and change his IP to be able to use Google Analytics services.

For example, you change your IP from an Iranian person to an American, Dutch, German, etc., and the Google service thinks that you are a foreign user, and that's why it serves you.

Now, for some internal platforms like many banks, the reverse is true! That is, the sites check whether the connected person is Iranian or connected from another country, then based on that, they decide whether to serve him or not! In most cases, the answer to foreign IPs is negative even if that person is a bank customer.

In this case, you have only one option and just like when you are banned by a foreign service, you must change your IP to someone inside Iran. Normally, for the first case, there are many and famous services in the world, with a simple search, you will come across dozens of applications and software, but for changing the IP to an Iranian one, the services are very limited and few!

How to make your IP Iranian?

As we said, the services related to Iranian IP are very few and limited, and since users' data in these connections mostly passes through financial and economic crossings, then choosing a reliable, stable and safe service is of great importance.

On the other hand, many of these platforms themselves use an intermediary service and do not even have a dedicated application or software, which lowers the security and quality of their services, so you must be very careful in choosing such a service.

For this connection, we introduce Farsi VPN to you, which is one of the few services that has its own application and software, and its servers are also set up and managed by the team of this collection.

In Farsi VPN, in addition to the appropriate and stable connection speed, no user data or logs are stored, and each person can change his IP from anywhere in the world to an Iranian person with ease and without any worries. use domestic banking and finance.

You can use it by installing Farsi VPN application or software and experience a secure and stable connection easily.